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Automated mechanical design eng See details
    • Work place:Kunshan
    • Department:Mechanical Engineering Department
    • Release time:2020-04-22
    • Salary:
    • Working years:More than 5 years
    • Education:College or above
    • Recruitment:3
  • Requirements:
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Confirm customer requirements, assess risks, formulate plans, draw plan drawings, and write technical agreements;
    2. Perform mechanical design, design review and assembly analysis according to the plan;
    3. Guide the assembly and deal with the problems in the assembly process;
    4. Assist debugging, installation at the customer site, and handling of customer complaints.
    job requirements:
    1. Design experience of more than 5 years, with complete machine design experience, robot integration experience is preferred;
    2. Ability to work independently, design schemes, 3D, 2D according to customer needs;
    3. Familiar with automatic control, pneumatic circuit, hydraulic pressure and other electrical principles and applications, such as servo modules, reducers, cylinders, motors, sensor cylinders, screw-locking machines, vibration plates, labeling machines, dispensers, presses, Automatic loading and unloading machine, CCD detection, manipulator, etc .;
    4. Skilled selection of standard parts;
    5. Skilled use of solidworks / CAD;
    6. Clear thinking, strong sense of responsibility, work hard, and obey the arrangement.

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Automated assembly technician See details
    • Work place:Kunshan
    • Department:Production Department
    • Release time:2020-04-22
    • Salary:
    • Working years:More than 2 years
    • Education:Technical secondary school and above
    • Recruitment:5
  • Requirements:
    Job Requirements:
    1. Technical secondary school or vocational education or above, major in mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, etc .;
    2. At least 2 years of experience in assembly of non-standard automation equipment;
    3. Can understand the parts drawing and assembly drawing, and can quickly assemble the machine;
    4. Familiar with the principle, use, debugging and maintenance of standard parts such as common cylinders, feeding motors, kk modules, sensors, etc .;
    5. Understand the working principle of the organization, and be able to accurately judge and solve the abnormality of the organization;
    6. Able to use machining equipment to make simple modifications to the workpiece;
    7. Strong team spirit and communication skills;
    8. Positive working attitude, good at learning, can adapt to short-term business trips, and work overtime;
    9. Priority to be able to operate milling machines and grinders;
    10. Understand solidworks, the basic operation of CAD is preferred;
    11. Because the project needs to go out easily, a driver's license is required;

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Automation Electrical Engineer See details
    • Work place:Kunshan
    • Department:Electrical Engineering Department
    • Release time:2020-04-22
    • Salary:
    • Working years:3 years and above
    • Education:College and above
    • Recruitment:2
  • Requirements:
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Cooperate with mechanical design engineers to provide solutions according to customer requirements;
    2. Independently responsible for the programming and debugging of the project;
    3. According to the manufacturing process and process requirements of non-standard equipment, independently design the electrical control system;
    4. Select electrical control components according to the project budget coordination plan;
    5. Explain the design points to relevant personnel before assembly, and the key parts can be assembled and wired by themselves;
    6. Responsible for on-site electrical and automation equipment installation, commissioning and guidance, on-site technical support, and after-sales service matters; 7. Participate in project-related meetings to assist in part of the standardization work
    job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, major in electronics and automation;
    2. More than two years of independent programming experience (can independently complete various medium and large projects) can independently select and wire;
    3. Familiar with electrical circuits; familiar with electrical wiring;
    4. Proficiency in programming and application of Omron / Mitsubishi / Siemens PLC, stepper, servo, frequency converter and video system;
    5. Axis control is linked with more than three axes;
    6. Strong sense of work responsibility and teamwork spirit.

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Project assistant See details
    • Work place:Kunshan
    • Department:Project Department
    • Release time:2020-04-22
    • Salary:
    • Working years:2 years and above
    • Education:Undergraduate
    • Recruitment:2
  • Requirements:
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for project sorting and follow-up, planning, management, from order acceptance to responsible project management to customer acceptance;
    2. Responsible for maintaining continuous communication with customers and deeply digging into customer needs;
    3. Responsible for communication and coordination between the customer and the company, including design progress, production progress, delivery, and after-sales status;
    4. Develop a project schedule, collect and organize a daily project problem list, and track the progress of problem resolution;
    5. Responsible for project cost tracking and monitoring;
    6. Supervise the operation of project nodes in various departments;
    7. Hold a project meeting to coordinate problem resolution among various departments;
    8. Responsible for communication and coordination of all project clients except technical issues and business issues, and the external window for project displacement;
    9. Other matters assigned by leaders.
    job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, major in mechanical or English.
    2. At least 2 years of relevant work experience in project management.
    3. Those with experience in project management of an automation company are preferred.
    4. Fluent oral English.
    5. Conscientious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility, good at communication.

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