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4 years of company establishment
Published:2020.04.22 14:18
         On March 15, 2020, the fourth year of the establishment of Jingkun Automation was ushered in. Before Jingkun, we used Shanghai Yuangen Electronics's head as an automation device for a year. Later, in order to focus on automation, we registered Jingkun.

          The four-year period is very short. Although it is difficult to start a business, we are developing very fast. In one sentence in "On the Six Kingdoms," we said: "Frost dew, cut off thorns, to have a place of size." It is our diligent, honest, trustworthy, non-arrogant attitude that has won customers, accumulated experience, and united people's hearts. Sales have increased at an average rate of twice per year.

          The new crown epidemic that began in January this year has affected our production. With the efforts of all parties, our company officially resumed work on February 21. In order to reflect the company's attitude of always staying with employees and having difficulties together, our salaries and benefits during the epidemic quarantine period are consistent with the normal period.

          The epidemic situation also made us more clearly aware of the great significance of prosperity and stability for the country to the world. Economic prosperity and blessing for the heaven and earth, I hope Jingkun will take it to a higher level this year!

Note: Celebrating the fourth anniversary of the company's establishment, some employees took a group photo.
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